Guitar – Lesson 4 – Chords

If you are following our tutorials from the beginning, you must have known the importance of  playing chords accurately. So in this tutorial, we are going to look deeper into reading chords diagram and playing them properly in your guitar.


Here, we start with simple A major chord and later focus to barre (or bar) chords, mainly F chord which is considered as a hurdle for beginners. Follow this tutorial and practice the chords regularly. With some time and practice, you’ll master these chords and you won’t be barred anymore.

You can get the chord diagrams here:

3 thoughts on “Guitar – Lesson 4 – Chords

    • “the song is still under construction … i’ll finish it once i get my hands on a studio standard electric guitar…and then i will upload the tabs and chords 🙂 ”
      – Samyam

  • sir ma lai guitar ko bare ma keni thaha xaina plz sir ma guitar sikna chanxu malai suru dekhi last samma kasri bajaune kasari sikne ra cords sharp ra flat ko bare ma batai dinus na plz

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