Guitar Chords

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C Am F G


Chord notation is quite conventional and easy to remember, e.g. C Gm F#7 Db.

  • The root note (A..G) must be uppercase
  • Seperate every item with spaces
  • # indicates sharp
  • b (lowercase B) indicates flat
  • m (lowercase) indicates minor
  • maj (lowercase) indicates major
  • sus (lowercase) indicates suspended
  • dim (lowercase) indicates diminished
  • aug (lowercase) indicates augmented
  • add (lowercase) indicates extensions
  • Variations on the root chord: m, 6, m6, 69, 7, m7, maj7, 7b5, 7#5, m7b5, 7b9, 9, m9, maj9, add9, 13, sus2, sus4, dim, dim7, aug
  • / indicates repeat of the previous chord
  • | is a standard bar line
  • || is an ending bar line

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