Nepal has got a wonderful bunch of talents in music. We already have hundreds and thousands of songs, deep inside our hearts. But where we get behind is in their conservation. There are many songs that we like but don’t know the lyrics to sing. There are many songs we try to play on guitar,  keyboard or any other musical instrument  but we don’t know the chords. There are few chords-sites with some 200 songs. There are few song-books with some 30-40 songs. But they lack in quantity, quality and level of interaction. That is not enough.
Keeping this in mind, we have launched this website  melosic.com.
Please help us by providing any chords, lyrics of Nepali songs you have. Let’s have discussions on them. Let’s conserve our songs old or new, classical or rock, modern or pop. Let’s do it, because we can!

Melosic Team